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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Have you ever dreamt of having a home office wherein you can easily work without any sort of distraction? If not, then you can have such an opportunity now. It can be accomplished by using a room divider. You don’t have to spend a large amount of money in creating a permanent structure. In such a case, semi-permanent room dividers can be used which have become pretty much popular nowadays among the budget conscious people since they are designed to use only when required.

In this regard, there are various styles of semi-permanent room dividers are available like sliding, freestanding, hanging, and folding and other few. Some of the best types of semi-permanent room dividers are below listed-

  • Space plus room dividers

These room dividers are designed both for commercial as well as residential purpose. In fact, it is a great alternative to traditional room dividers. This particular divider features 7 mm thick and strong laminated glass as well as 5mm thick tempered glass. Glass is available in various options like smoked, laminated, linen, clear, smoked and designer. The standard width of the dividers are 24”, 36”, 30” and 40” and height 96” and 80”.


  • Glass wall

This unit is well known as a blend of classic and timeless beauty and also portable. Hence, it features top track and rimless single glazed glass which can easily fit into place. It can be used both in commercial as well as residential buildings like bank lobbies, government buildings, shopping malls and cafes.


  • Screen Overlay African Animal design

It features PVC photo posters which can make the room divider attractive as well as functional and thus allows the children to take part in it. This room divider is made up of durable plastic material which can provide longer life. It is quite easy to move, replace if required and store it.


  • Stainless steel metal room dividers

This is a temporary as well as decorative stainless steel room divider having a delicately engraved flower. It is a rectangular shaped room divider which gives window-like appearance with excellent quality. It is one of the best alternatives to divide a larger area at affordable cost.

In addition to semi-permanent room dividers UK, there are a plenty of other options as well both offline as well as online. There are many online retailers who can offer at discounted prices.


Written by Lisa Williams — March 25, 2016

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