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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Whether you are looking to divide up a large space at home or at the office; or simply need to enhance the area’s interior décor, room dividers usually prove to be quite useful. These structures come in a wide variety of designs, colours and builds to ensure that buyers can get the perfect fit as per their needs and preferences.


If you have been thinking about buying room dividers UK to use commercially or at home, read our complete guide on the different types of room dividers available today.


Japanese Shoji Screens


Japanese style room dividers, also referred to as Japanese Shoji screens, are perhaps one of the most popular designs. These structures come in alluring designs and can be used to enhance the appeal of the space in question, or functionally separate different areas. These screens are usually made using Japanese rice paper which allows light to pass through while filtering out the glare. When shopping you will find some designs featuring wood grain finishes on the wooden frames; these tend to be more expensive. Cheaper alternatives feature painted on wooden frames.


Faux Leather


A great alternative to traditional wood or rice paper screen room dividers is the contemporary faux leather variation. Designed using highly durable, easy to maintain and heavy faux leather or animal skin these structures offer buyers additional functionality. The heavy faux leather finish totally blocks out light providing more privacy where necessary. Additionally, these room dividers also have better sound proofing capabilities as well. Buyers can find faux leather, snake skin, alligator skin and many other variations here.


Single Panel


Traditional room dividers come in a classic multi-panel folding design. Buyers can also find solid single panel structures designed to function as simple portable walls. These structures come with perpendicular feet to ensure that they remain as stable as possible during use. It is worth noting that the larger single panel room dividers are usually heavier in terms of weight.


Printed Canvas


Some room dividers are designed using art quality canvas. This makes it possible for the printing of interesting patterns and designs on the canvas using various methods. The different impressions made on the canvas include intricate patterns, digitally enhanced images and many others. In some cases, you can even find structures with plain surfaces to allow for DIY painting for a customised feel and appearance.


Wood and Fabric


One of the most affordable and convenient designs for room dividers comes in the form of wood and fabric variations. These structures come with a sturdy wooden frame on which cotton fabric screens are attached. In some cases, the fabric pieces can be removed for regular cleaning separately for the best look every time.

Written by Lisa Williams — August 30, 2016

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