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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Whether in the house, school, conference or business, there are instances when you want to temporarily transform a large space into smaller rooms.  Creating a permanent wall is just a silly solution since you will not utilise this for a prolonged period.  In this kind of situation, room dividers are your ideal solution.  However, with so many choices in the market, which type of divider is the perfect choice for you?

 3 Panel Folding Screen

Different Types of Room Divider

The popularity of room divider has increased over these past few years.  It adds functionality while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your room.


Screen Dividers

Screen divider is the decorative approach to create a room partition.  There is a huge selection of screen types in the market.  They are normally lightweight which makes it easy for you to reuse, rearrange and move them.  There are screen room dividers that have a single panel and have support feet at the base; others have more than one panel that is connected with a zigzag fold.  The materials used in manufacturing the screen divider can also vary.    The traditional type is usually made from fabric.  There are also modern types that are made from leather, wood, metal, glass, plastic and plant fibres which are attached to a metal or wood frame.  There are also frames with blank canvas which is ideal for creative people who love DIY projects.

 4 Panel Room Divider

Positioning the screen room divider strategically will make it a great alternative to various window treatments like curtain or blinds.  Screen dividers that are made from papers such as shoji screen would allow an ample light to pass through.  They can also provide us privacy or conceal an unsightly part of our home while adding elegance and colour to the room.


Portable Panels

When you visit a business conference, school, church or hotel, you will most possibly found portable panels.  This location needs to temporarily divide their large space; however, their particular needs can change invariably.  Strong and sturdy walls will not be the best solution for them.  When looking for portable room dividers, there are different types to choose from, and it is important to consider the style and the manufacturer.  You should also pay attention to the length and the height of the panels.  The taller type of portable panel will reduce the noise, create a more private space and block the ambient light.


Sliding Panels

The sliding room divider is permanent fixture.  This is the excellent choice for people who want to divide a large area.  Normally, they will be mounted on your wall and will be fitted in the runners that are attached on the floors and ceilings.  This can extend from the ceiling to the floor which will reduce the amount of noise considerably.  They are perfect solution for banquet halls and schools that does not require flexibility.

 Sliding Shoji Room Screen

Regardless if you are a businessman who wants to add functionality to a large space or if you are a home owner who needs to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their house, the room divider will perfectly fit your individual needs.


3 Panel Room Divider

Written by Enam Hasan — May 15, 2017

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