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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

There are various reasons on why you should choose the sliding room dividers compared to the other standard forms of room divider.  You may use it as an effective insulator that will ensure that the proper temperature will be maintained during the cold winter season and hot summer months.  The sliding dividers made from frosted glass materials will also allow the natural light to pass through while giving you a complete privacy.  The seamless design of the sliding room dividers UK also enable them to move without any issue on their rails due to the special roller system integrated on the sliding divider.


Available Colour and Materials of the Sliding Room Dividers


The colour and the material that you may pick on the sliding divider will highly depend upon your particular need and preference.  Consider the interior design of the room where you are planning to introduce the divider before settling on a decision.    Some points of consideration that you need to think about are the following:


  • Sliding Room Dividers UK with mirror- For a smaller room such as the bedroom, the room divider with mirror would be your best option. The mirror will make the small room appear larger and it can also provide different practical uses.  It commonly includes champagne, smoky grey and silver options.


  • Laminated Panels- Room dividers that come with laminated panels will help you in adding vibrant colour to the space. You may choose from an authentic wood grain, intricate pattern and solid colours.  There are more than 50 shades of laminated panels that you can choose from which will allow you to design your home in a very unique manner.


  • Glass Panels- Sliding room dividers UK with glass panels are the perfect solution for individuals who want to reduce the outside noises and want to maintain the brightness of the room. This is also ideal for individuals who want to maintain the visibility of the outside environment.


Choosing the Tracks of the Sliding Room Dividers


After you finally decided on your preferred material and colour of your divider, the next thing you have to think about would be the running tracks.  The tracks of the room dividers UK will highly depend on the characteristic and the dimension of the area.  But there are also different styles of tracks available in the market.   Ceiling-only tracks are recommended on bedroom dividers.  Floor and ceiling tracks provide the stability and would be great to introduce to larger space. 


Finally, there are also ways on how you can upgrade your sliding room dividers UK by installing extra fittings that can enhance the safety and security of the divider.  There are anti-jump, stop position and positioning system and locks that you can use to enhance the stability, safety, and security of your room divider.

Written by Lisa Williams — March 16, 2017

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