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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

In case you are living in a wide-open or small floor plan, room divider is a great way to maximise the space, add a touch of creativity and improve the privacy of your room. However, choosing the best type can be overwhelming due to the huge selection of dividers in the market.  By reading this article, you will be able to understand which type of divider will suit your room and your preference.

 6 Panel Oriental Room Divider

Hanging Room Divider

In case you can’t use the floor’s surface for your divider, the hanging room divider would be your best solution.   Hanging dividers are available in a variety of functions and styles.  Light materials and fabric are recommended to use than the standard type of materials used on divider.  Fabric is the best option when you want to maintain your privacy and enhance the style of the room.  Panel curtains are dividers that are usually used in our homes and can rarely be seen on commercial spaces.  They are accessible in a huge variety of patterns, colours with different widths, shapes, and lengths.

 Hanging Room Dividers

The Affordable Screen Dividers

You do not have to allot a significant budget when buying room dividers.  Affordable types of divider are available in a variety of form which gives you a cost-effective option to separate a room, create some privacy and add style and colour.  Commonly the non-permanent and lightweight type of decorative dividers cost cheaper.  They are also very simple to introduce to the room.  There are different ways on how you can create room partition without costing too much. The sliding dividers are semi-permanent, but they cost more expensive than the portable dividers.   There are also second-hand dividers that are being sold at a significantly low price.


DIY Room Divider

In case you can’t find your solution to the commercially sold room dividers (which is highly unlikely) it is time for you to create your own screen divider.  The average type of screen divider can be constructed easily using simple materials and tools.  You may need wood glue, nails, fabric, paint and wood for your materials.  For the tools, you may use a simple handsaw, scissors, and hammer.  If you have an artistic and creative side, you will be able to create a decorative divider that matches the aesthetic appeal of the commercially available dividers and save money.  Even beginners can easily understand the simple instruction and create a stunning divider.

 DIY Room Dividers

Mobile Walls

Mobile walls are foldable, expandable and flexible that can transform your room in an instant.  Using the blue and gray options will help you in creating a minimalistic and classic look.  Mixture of different colours will make a plain and boring room appear interesting and lively.  There are virtually hundreds of variations of mobile room dividers that will provide a solution to your needs.

 Mobile Room Dividers

Other types of room divider include the wooden type, modern, decorative, shoji, and sliding, movable and acoustic screen divider.  Depending on your needs and choice, there will always be a divider that is perfect for you.

Written by Lisa Williams — June 13, 2017

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