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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Open-plan spaces became hugely popular in the early 20th century due to many reasons. Some of the reasons were minding children, making a house feel larger, and allowing for more flexibility of furniture layouts. While there are a lot of benefits, there are also many inconveniences of having an open plan space, like cooking smells ending up throughout the living space, and lower amounts of storage space. Room dividers are the best tool to add separation to a room, and create storage areas. Many room dividers do not block the light. No matter the style of room divider that you pick, here are some of the ways that room dividers boost the décor of an open plan space.


Room Dividers Distinguish Between Spaces


When you are looking to add a room divider to a room, think about what each space will be used for. If you want to keep sight lines in the room, a see-through room divider keeps the open feel from the sight line, while it visually separates the different spaces. This is normally done when you are separating kitchens and entertaining areas.


When you want to separate rooms that you want to be more private, a solid room divider can be used to create this separation. Since room dividers are not permanent, you can move them around as you need the privacy. This is especially useful when you are living in a rental space. 


Room Dividers Add Cosiness to a Room


While there are room dividers that are solid or immovable, many are moveable and made from different materials. To many people being able to close an area from the rest of the world, and relax is a dream. Room dividers can help them do this while being able to reopen the space when they need to.


Room Dividers can be Multi-purpose


In many open place living spaces, storage can be limited. Book shelves room dividers can add the extra storage space that you may need. If you are looking to hide clutter, a solid room divider can provide a way to hide it in a decorative manner.


Enhance the Personality Room with Room Dividers


When you want to divide the space in a room, consider the style that you want in the space. At Room Dividers UK, there are styles of room dividers to match your homes décor.  Think about if you are looking for something sleek, or quirky, and if you want the room divider to blend in or be the focal point of the room. Also, you should think about the materials that you would like to have in the room divider. The height of the room and the divider will also add personality to the room. There are many, different heights of room dividers that can be used together to create unique sight lines.

Written by Lisa Williams — September 16, 2016

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