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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

If you are looking for amazing decorative furniture and a practical accessory that will divide the room, the diamond weave room dividers will definitely intrigue you.  The top feature of the diamond weave is arched which is different from the standard.  The arch is also longer that measure at about 20 inches.  It is durable and made from a plant fibre that was intertwined with wooden dowels that measures at around a quarter-inch.  The distinctive diamond feature of the room dividers UK is evident in every panel which is repeated for 5 times.  It is also hand-crafted which guarantees you on its level of craftsmanship.


Diamond Weave Room Dividers Feature


One thing you will initially notice on the diamond weave room dividers is the beautifully dyed plant woven fibre.  Even the cord that holds the plant fibre firmly was dyed perfectly which accentuate the luxury and rich colour of the screen divider.  The intricate arrangement of the beautifully entwined material enhances the aesthetic appeal of the divider which will surely impress anyone who will see it.  You may use this for its original purpose of creating room partition, or you may use this as a piece of decoration that will grant elegance and extra appeal to your interior design.


It is also a perfect way to balance privacy and comfort.  The small gap between the intertwined plant fibres on the room dividers allows some light and wind to pass through that provides warmth and circulation of air.  Each panel extends at 19 inches which has a diamond design feature that resembles the design of a medallion.  Despite of the fact that it is made from sturdy plant fibre, the manufacturer was still successful in making the room dividers light weight and portable. The frame is made from rattan which is known for its durability and flexibility.


Compared to the customary room dividers wherein the panel was connected by a hinge, the diamond weave screen divider used a particular plant fibre that adds to the personality of this divider.  Despite of that, it is still available in different panels from a short 3 panels up to 7 panels that are profoundly dyed.  The height is also customisable, from the low 4 ft up to 7 ft.  There is a small gap below the room dividers UK with a stand that measure 3 inches.  The price is more than $100 which is very reasonable considering the craftsmanship and materials used, the quality and the price is exceptional.


For room dividers that will not only serve its original function but will also emphasise the beauty and elegance of your house and will give that oriental vibe, the diamond weave screen divider is a great choice for you and the family.  You may use it on your kitchen, living room, dining room or the kid’s room, the flexibility of its design will surely match any room inside the house.

Written by Lisa Williams — August 26, 2016

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