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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Open spaces can be a designer’s dream, or it can make decorating the space difficult. Dividing a room up can help it serve a purpose. There are many items that can be used as room dividers to break up these open spaces. Here are just a few of the best items you can use as room dividers.

 4 Panel Room Divider

  1. Shelving

Shelving has become a popular option for room dividers because it makes use of the space. It increases the amount of storage that a room has while breaking the sight lines. This is why many stores and offices are using shelving as room dividers.

 Shelving Room divider

  1. Branches

We have been seeing more room dividers bring the outside in, which helps balance bright colours and more furniture. Many room dividers use real tree branches, but you can also find branch room dividers that are made from metal and plastic. These materials can look similar to real wood, but do not need the same amount of care.

 5 Panel Shoji Folding Screen

  1. Fabric

Hanging fabric from the ceiling has been one of the most popular ways of dividing a room for years. Fabric room dividers are cheap to buy and easy to set up. However, fabric room dividers are not for everyone because these room dividers may require you to drill or hammer nails or screws in the ceiling or walls. There are new fabric room dividers that do not need any hardware to install, which makes them great for people who are living in apartments.

 3 Panel Fabric Room Divider Screen

  1. Vinyl Records

Vinyl records have been making a huge come back, but not for playing music. Many older vinyl records that are not collectible are being recycled. They are being turned into just about everything. Vinyl record room dividers can be on folding screens, or they could hang from the ceiling. These room dividers are a great way of showing your love of music and recycling items that would have been thrown out in the trash.


  1. Rope

Rope is similar to branches and has become popular for interior designs that need more natural elements. Rope room dividers allow you to keep the visibility and light of a room but separate the space. Most rope room dividers are simple in design with the rope being stretched vertically. However, we are seeing unique designs using knots and fabric in the patterns.


  1. Wooden Slabs

If you are looking for room dividers that can be made to fit your room, you should check out wooden slabs. These need to be installed, so they will be attached to the floor and possibly the ceiling. This makes them hard to move once they are installed. However, you can make unique designs with the slabs. There are wooden slabs with different patterns and colours that you can pick from.

 Black 3 Panel Wooden Room Divider

Room dividers are the best option when you need to divide a room to make it more usable for you. Open living spaces have become popular in the last few decades, but they pose a huge challenge when you are trying to decorate your home.


Written by Lisa Williams — April 30, 2017

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