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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

An open floor plan can seem like an excellent idea when you are first moving in. However, over time, many people find that an open floor plan is a little too open. Instead of making plans to move to a new home, think about dividing up the room with room dividers. Here are a few creative ways to divide your room.


  1. Bookcases


If you have bookcases in your home, you may already have room dividers. You will just need to rearrange the bookcase, so it becomes a makeshift wall. If you do not have bookcases that will work as room dividers, Room Dividers UK offers some models of shelving room dividers.


  1. Folding Room Dividers


Room dividers do not have to be permanent or hard to move. Sometimes having room dividers that are movable can work better for the room’s uses. Folding room dividers are quick and easy to set up and can fold down, which makes it easy to store when the divider is not needed.


These are also a great option for shared kid’s rooms because each child can have their own space, or they can fold the room divider up within a few seconds without help.


  1. Cable Wire Curtain


If you need a more permanent solution, a cable wire curtain is a great option. Installing the wire cable will take a few minutes. However, once in place, you can hang curtains or fabric on the wire. This can be a great option, especially if you need to divide a room and open the room within in a few minutes. You will need to careful because the wire needs to be out of the reach of your visitors.


  1. Room Dividers that Do Not Have a Fabric Cover


While most room dividers have a covering over the wood, there are some that do not have any covering at all. This can help keep the sight lines of the rooms while breaking up the spaces within the room. If you cannot find a room divider of this style, you can make your own by removing the fabric covering from a room divider that is already in the room.  However, you may have to repair the room divider after you remove the fabric covering.


Open backed bookshelves can also be used for this. You will need to be careful, especially if you are using a book shelf without a back because items could fall off of the shelving.


Adding room dividers to a large open floor plan can divide up your space, which will make the room more usable. There are many room dividers that are creative, so they may not be what you think of when you say room dividers. Room Dividers UK offers a wide range of room dividers that will fit your space and your décor.

Written by Enam Hasan — February 25, 2017

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