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Working at home can be a challenge, especially if you do not have a specific room to work in. However, many people who work at home create their offices using room dividers home and other pieces of furniture to build their own office spaces. A home office works best when it is designed with personal touches, so there is not just one home office design that will work for everyone. However, here are some tips to help you create an office that is comfortable, organised, and works well for you.

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  1. Creating Your Space

While it can be tempting to pick a location and place your office permanently there, you may want to try different areas in your house before setting up the office. The best location for your office will depend on your preferences because you may want to be near people or completely away from your living spaces. If you are in a living space, you may want to divide the spaces using privacy room dividers, especially when you are working with clients at your home.

 Room Dividers - Room Screens

  1. Storage and Filling

Like most offices, it can be easy to have stacks of paper pile up of your desk. Creating enough storage is important. Today, there are many great options for storage, including racks, shelves, and cubes that you can use. There are some decorative room dividers that have storage built in or can have storage items added to them.


You should also think about how you are going to hide and organise equipment wires or store the extra items that you will not be using.

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  1. Ergonomics of Your Chair and Desk

No matter where your office is located, you should not forget about the ergonomic rules. The top of a computer screen should be at your eye level or just below it. The desk should have your arms parallel with the floor, so the type of desk that you should pick will depend on what you are most comfortable with. Sitting desks are still the most popular option, but standing desks are becoming more popular. This is due to research which shows that sitting for long periods is linked to many health problems, including cancer, obesity, and diabetes.


  1. Lighting

While natural lighting is the ideal lighting for a home office, this is not always possible. So, you may need to use privacy room dividers, especially if you have your desk facing the door or the opening of the screen room dividers. Desk lamps are a great option because you can illuminate your work. Your home office should have enough artificial light to work in, even during overcast days. You may want to also have some candles around your office just in case the power goes out.

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With more people working at home, the home office is becoming a larger part of home décor. However, most homes and apartments are not built to have a room for a home office. This is why screen room dividers and privacy room dividers are commonly used to divide living spaces from a home office.

Written by Lisa Williams — March 29, 2017

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