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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

If you live in a smaller home or apartment, you may be wondering how you can open up your space more to create a larger living area. There are a few different methods to help you with space saving solutions, but one of the best is using room dividers to create a more open environment.

What Are Room Dividers?


Room dividers can either been screens or items of furniture that are placed in a manner that helps to separate a room into different areas. They are used by interior decorators many times to create separate areas in smaller homes to give them a more open feel.


Types of Room Dividers


All room dividers are not the same, in fact, they come in a variety of styles, enabling the purchaser to choose one that fits their home and décor. You can choose from permanent shelving units to divide a room, fixed dividers, hanging dividers, or portable screens.


Additionally, there are a few different ways that room dividers can be used to create a unique and open space in your home. Divide rooms to create a much better use of the space in your home. Use your room dividers as a decorating accent to add character to any room or space. Hide an area and give a privacy feel to your home with separate room dividers. Screen dividers allow you to utilise them as a décor device. This allows you to create a unique look and feel to your home. Some screen dividers even include places to include family pictures in frames throughout the screen.


Uses of Room Dividers


Room dividers are more commonly used in homes to create a more unique feel as well as provide separate spaces to a larger room. This can help to give you a space saving solution and also give you additional rooms with more privacy when you are lacking the space.


They can also be used to hide clutter away and create a sufficient storage space. If you are using shelving units for room dividers, this can help to give you additional storage space. It’s a great utilisation of space allowing you to make sure no space is wasted.




Using room dividers allows you to open up your home by enabling you to create separate spaces. When you have a larger room such as in a loft apartment, there really is no privacy. Using room dividers can provide you with a sense of privacy you need. This is useful when you are sharing your apartment with a roommate. Opening the area and creating separate spaces allows each of you to have your own space free from clutter.

Written by Lisa Williams — June 16, 2016

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