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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Open plan living and studio apartments have gained popularity since the 20th century. This has not come without its own share of challenges. These include limited storage space as well as the challenge to decorate this fluid but open living spaces. Room dividers home have played a major role in catering to some of these problems and making the living space more attractive and habitable.


How can you use these dividers?


For Decoration


While putting up a wall hinders light and uses up more space thus making a room feel smaller, decorative room dividers do the opposite. They act as temporary walls, giving a space the feeling that the two sides of the room are separate. They also do not hinder or interfere with the light in the room. Additionally, these decorative room dividers come in different colours and patterns which add personality to the room. Instead of investing in some art, these room dividers also add that artistic feel to your home.


For Privacy


Sometimes the bedroom no longer feels private as it is only separated from the living room by the furniture arrangement. One needs privacy. Privacy room dividers separate the room without making it feel smaller. There is a wide range of these: from simple bamboo designs to screens and even hanging dividers.


Choosing from among these is left to the person living in the space as they know what type of feeling they want to have in their space even as they consider privacy. The furniture, art choices and decoration in the room also play a key role when one is choosing privacy room dividers.


For Extra Storage

Screens room dividers are not the best to use when one is looking for extra storage. Instead, it is better for one to go with dividers that not only make the room feel bigger but also tie in with the décor as well as add the storage. There are many options out there. You could use a wood headboard with patterned storage shelves and place it with the head facing away from the living room area.


One could also opt for a suspended and patterned shelf to divide a room and add shelves for placing small décor items. These could even be stuffed animals facing towards the sleeping area so that the space feels more like a bedroom. As a general rule of thumb, room dividers home should be carefully considered so that you are able to achieve the look you want and transform your space without having to make major changes such as putting up a wall.


Whether you want storage, privacy, decoration or just to have the feeling that your space is big enough to have different rooms, you can find a perfect room divider. There are many online options, but Room Dividers UK is a good place to find a lot of information about screens room dividers and specifically one that would be best suited for the type of home and space that you have.

Written by Lisa Williams — March 20, 2017

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