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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers are the most popular alternative in creating a room partition.  As opposed to traditional wall divider, portable room dividers UK are more affordable, flexible and a convenient way of transforming a huge space into rooms with sections.  Most home owners choose it in creating a division to the room of their kids and in the office in dividing the work space.  They are offered in different design with an array of features that will surely surprise you.  The perfect design will accentuate the aesthetic appeal of the space.  One type of popular room divider would be the Monarch Specialties.


Monarch Specialties Room Dividers Features


The Monarch Specialties Room Dividers highlight a circle design that promises to add beauty to your gloomy room.  It is flexible and portable that allows you to put it in different part of your house.    It is usually offered at around $130.  Some people are using it as an accent piece inside their house to draw the attention of their house guest.  This folding room dividers UK has a very sturdy frame and a very chic design.


The use of the frame made from cappuccino has been carefully thought, elevating the look of your interior in a new level.  The Monarch Specialties Room Dividers is generally made from a solid wood covered by a rice paper screen on the frames similar to Japanese Shoji Wall dividers.  But unlike the Japanese Shoji Dividers which has a giant frame covered with rice paper, the Monarch Specialties is divided into a smaller frame with circles.  Those who have decided to purchase these room dividers UK have only nice thing to say about the monarch specialties.  Aside from the fact that it serves its original function well; the room divider is very durable, stable and an attention getter.


There are Monarch Specialties that are made up of rattan that gives it an oriental appeal.  It also comes with two colours and it is very light weight.  Other room dividers will only have a design on one side of the room divider making them look unappealing on the other side, but the Monarch Specialties are intricately layout from both sides.  It is available from 3-6 panels.  It will definitely last long, tough, affordable and portable.


Monarch Specialties Room Dividers Verdict


In case you are looking for a room divider that will create a dramatic change to your house, the Monarch Specialties room dividers UK will surely do the job.  It has an eclectic and oriental appeal that every house owners will definitely love.  It is pretty limited in terms of colour, but that is intentional to maintain the oriental appeal of this room divider.  In case you want a closer look at this room divider, take a look at our collection of our Monarch Specialties room dividers.

Written by Lisa Williams — June 15, 2016

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