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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Room dividers are a great option if you need to divide a room up. However, moving room dividers can be a hassle. Most room dividers today are lightweight, which makes them easy to move. However, there are some ways that you can make moving them even easier. If you are moving a large or heavy room divider, you should take some care to protect it and prevent injuries.

 Black 4 Panel Decorative Screen

  1. Add Wheels

There are many room dividers that come with wheels that you can attach, which makes it easier to move them around. If your room divider does not come with wheels, you may want to try to install wheels on them. Most times, this may ruin the look of the room divider, so you may not want to add wheels. However, it could be the best option for heavy room dividers that you are going to be moving regularly.

 2 Panel Room Divider on Wheels

  1. Padding

If you are moving glass or fragile room dividers, you should have proper padding before moving it. The padding should be wrapped around the room divider securely, so the padding does not slip. Blankets and bubble wrap can used to pad the room dividers when you are moving them.

 Box of Room Dividers

  1. Furniture Dollies

Moving heavy room dividers on your own can be a challenge, especially if they are extremely large. A furniture dolly can be used to move heavy room dividers. You need to fold the room divider if it folds. You should then slide the lip of the furniture dolly underneath the room divider, and tilt the dolly back. Furniture dollies can be used to move room dividers around a room or onto a moving truck. If the room divider is large or an awkward shape, you should make sure that the room divider is secured to the dolly before moving it.

 Furniture Dollie

  1. Two People

If you are not able to move your room dividers on your own, you should call for help, which could be your family or friends. Most of the time, two people are better at lifting a heavy item. If it is really heavy, you should think about calling for more people. This way you can have help with moving the room divider without causing injury or damage to the item.


If the room divider folds, fold it up. Once folded, each person should take an end. If you need three or four people, it should be one person on each end and the two in the middle. You should also make sure that you are lifting with your knees and avoid lifting with your back. You should also be careful when moving room dividers like this. If you feel that the room divider is slipping, you should tell the other person that you are stopping and place it on the ground. Take a few minutes for a break, before trying to move the room divider again.

 Brown 6 Panel Room Divider

Most time, room dividers can be easily moved. However, there are large and heavy room dividers that make it hard to move them. Moving these room dividers should be done as safely as you possibly can.

Written by Lisa Williams — May 05, 2017

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