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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

One of the most renowned styles of room dividers UK would be the Shoji screen divider.  It highlights a classic and flexible design that will match the interior style of your house.  Hand-crafted using high-quality material such as the Scandinavian Spruce and a Japanese rice-paper that was reinforced by a specialised fibre, these room dividers are lightweight, sturdy and portable.  Simply fold up this divider and movie it anywhere inside the house.


Oriental Shoji Room Dividers Features


These oriental shoji room dividers are available in different sizes which can easily be customised depending on the requirements of the customers.  From 3 panels up to 8 panels, you can be sure that it will provide you enough privacy, from small room to the more expansive rooms.  It is a perfect accessory to create a partition on the room and make it more functional.  It is available in different wood finishes from rosewood to walnut and customisable sizes.


One thing commendable about the room dividers UK is the level of craftsmanship that is definitely visually pleasing.  Price range is normally below $80 which is very economical considering the materials used in creating a screen divider with high standard.  The stability of the room divider is also an additional desirable feature.  As opposed to other screen dividers that does not stand firmly on the ground and have the tendency to fall and cause injury, the stability of the shoji room dividers is amazing.  Even under the strong gustiness of wind, the room divider will maintain its position and the rice paper will not be easily damaged due to the reinforced feature.


The oriental room dividers have constantly placed as one of the best screen dividers this 2016 in a lot of review sites including Comparaboo, Ranker, and Amazon.  That is one testimony to the quality of work placed on the oriental shoji screen divider.  Consumers will definitely get the best value for their money.  It also serves the main purpose of the room dividers UK to create room partition.  And in the event that you want it to revert back the room to its original state for different function, it is superlight weight that you only have to fold it and move. 

The privacy that it offers depends upon the preference of the consumer.  You may choose the shoji room dividers that extend from floor to ceiling, or you may want to leave an ample space on top of it.  It will control the level of light penetrating the room due to the ability of the Japanese paper to diffuse light.  It is also a perfect gift to your loved ones.  The aesthetic appeal of the panels will make it a perfect backdrop for your living room.  You are not only sure about the durability but also the artistic feature of the room dividers UK.


Written by Lisa Williams — September 28, 2016

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