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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers are folding room screens that are used to divide a big room into smaller areas. From the heavy, ornate pieces that were used in 7th century China, room dividers have changed into light screens or even furniture that are used to partition a room. Room Dividers help to make more efficient use of the space available. They create little pockets of space, each with its own character. Sometimes they are used as specific accent pieces because they are pretty. They can add a lot of character to a room.


Types of Room Dividers UK


In the UK, different types of Room Dividers seem to be popular. Some are see-through curtains; others are solid wooden or metal screens, or even layers of live plants. Cubicle partitions are used to close off an area for privacy. You may see them in hospitals or in restaurants. Pipe and drape screens are often used to close off areas. Such a divider might be used to separate the living room from the bedroom. Some other popular Room Dividers in the UK are the traditional Japanese shōji. They are usually sliding doors made of translucent paper over a wooden frame. Shōji is easily recognisable due to the lattice of wood or bamboo that gives it its familiar appearance. Room Dividers can be made from almost any material and can also be given casters so that they can be moved around from place to place. There is no easier way to change the look of a room.


Different Uses For Room Dividers UK


England was one of the European countries that adopted their own version of the Asian screen dividers. After visiting Japan, visitors came back with inspiration for room dividers made of wood, silk, leather and decoupage in the 8th century. Though the most apparent use is dividing a room, people have also been using room dividers to add splashes of colour. They can also be used to hide clutter and increase storage.


Sometimes a room divider can be used very successfully to redirect foot traffic or to create a little cosiness in a big draughty room. Room Dividers can be printed to display beautiful scenes of nature and create an immediate atmosphere of peace and tranquillity in a room. One of the most common uses for Room Dividers in public places in the UK is to change a room temporarily. These Room Dividers are usually from floor to ceiling. If a venue needs to be made smaller to accommodate less people and still appear intimate, a room divider that slides in and out of place can make all the difference. When a bigger venue is needed again, these room dividers are simply hidden against the walls.

Written by Lisa Williams — January 19, 2017

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