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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK


There are a number of different reasons why somebody would want to purchase Room Dividers. The first and most obvious reason would be to simply divide a room into two, as the name clearly suggests. However these beautiful looking room screens actually serve many purposes. Room Dividers can be used as a substitute for blinds or curtains as they can prove to be a much cheaper and easier alternative to having curtains custom made. This is especially popular for people who rent premises and are looking for a quick and cheap solution.

Shoji Room Divider Screen

Another very popular reason for somebody to buy Room Dividers is if you feel the need to separate your office space from the rest of the room. People that work from home such as therapists, chiropractors and doctors usually turn to room dividers as an easy and functional solution to create the privacy they need when treating clients.

Of course these Room Dividers can also be used solely for the decorative aspect that they have. They are extremely popular in Restaurants, Hotels, Cafes and almost any commercial style of business.

Room Dividers are even being used by pet owners to keep their beloved pets from entering specific rooms in the house. Folding Room Screens come in a number of different shapes, colours and sizes which giving the buyer an easy choice of finding something suitable to their liking.

4 Panel Room Divider

Room Dividers are great because they require no assembly to set up thus making them a great choice for those who lack any DIY skills. Once they arrive they can literally be up within seconds. This makes them very popular as they can serve a multitude of purposes and then can be used straight away.

Room Dividers have been around for hundreds of years and it seems that they will continue to be around for a very long time too. There are quite literally thousands of different styles; this is a great thing however there is a drawback to this. There is also the possibility that the wide array of designs available can make choosing the right room screen slightly overwhelming. To overcome this, it’s best to have a rough idea what size and colour you would like and this will reduce the time it takes to choose your perfect Room Divider.

Room Dividers also have many names, the most popular being Room Dividers and Room Screens, then there are many others such as Folding Room Screens, Decorative Screens, Room Partitions, Folding Dividers, Stand Alone Room Dividers plus many more. In the continent of Europe they are often referred to as Paravents, particular in Germany.

3 Panel Room Divider

The famous and well known of the Room Dividers are the Japanese versions which are called Shoji Room Dividers. The oldest style of room screens did actually originate from Japan and today there are a number of beautiful style Shoji screens that one is able to choose from.

There are many places you can view Room Dividers in the UK should you be looking to order one for your needs, one thing is certain, you should have no problem in finding one that is suitable for you.


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Written by Lisa Williams — February 20, 2017

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