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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Some owners may consider transforming the wide space of their living area to a more practical space especially when they want to define a particular space in that room.   Fortunately, room dividers are functional and beautiful option in creating room partition.  By conducting a research about the available design of the decorative room dividers, you will be able to find a divider that is not only beautiful but also classy.

 Room Dividers

The Pattern of the Privacy Room Dividers

When you are looking at the pattern of the room dividers screens, you can choose from the floral, geometric, organic and graduated pattern.  For the floral pattern, there are the basic flower patterns, and there are more intricate patterns that come with the leaves.  There are also abstract representations of the flowers that may please those who have a unique taste in design.  The geometric pattern is a more complex design that includes repetitive geometrical shapes; some are symmetrical, and others are asymmetrical.  It is a combination of line that creates a unique design.  The graduated design is like a combination of the geometrical and the organic design.  It has the free shape of the organic pattern and the lines of the geometric shapes.  The organic pattern is derived from the shape of organic matters such as shells, bones, raindrops, leaves and water.


The Colour

If you think that the choices for the pattern is already overwhelming, wait till you see the enormous selection of colours.  From the Pantone, Dulux and the metallic colour, the choices on the colour of decorative room dividers are just endless.  One essential tip to choose the proper colour is to analyse the space where you are planning to place the room dividers screens.  Look at the prevalent shade of the furniture and choose a colour that blends well or compliments the colour of your furniture.

 Room Dividers

Frame Design

Finally, the design of the frame can also affect your choice of room dividers screens.  There are different materials used in creating the frame such as timber, steel, and aluminium.  When choosing the aluminium materials, the frame is also manufactured in different process such as double cladding, sandwiched, reinforced, single cladding, smart and wall mount.  The same can be said with the steel materials, but the steel may also be available in Centre Welded frame.  The timber material is more limited.  Most of the time, the frame is solid with a slot where the screens are placed.  The privacy room dividers made from timber materials are normally sturdy and suitable for indoor uses.  You should avoid using them outdoor since they have low resistance against outdoor elements.


These are just some of the factors that you need to consider when choosing the right design for your privacy room dividers.  By looking at the different options that you have, you will find the suitable room dividers screens that you can place in a particular space.  Choosing the right design will help you enhance the aesthetic appeal of a specific area.

Written by Lisa Williams — April 13, 2017

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