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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Regardless if you are planning to divide the living room to create a personal space or have a bedroom at a compact apartment, room dividers are your perfect solution for the job.   You have a lot of options when it comes to room divider, there are privacy room dividers that are completely opaque and will give you the privacy that you need, and there are others that allow a small portion of light to pass through which is ideal if your only goal is to create room partition.

 Room Dividers

Top 3 Screen Room Dividers

Here are some of the best decorative room dividers that will not only help you fulfil your particular goal but will also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.


  1. High Room Dividers

Home owners who are looking for a piece of furniture that they can pass to the next generation can choose from solid wood materials.  For instance, the Sunburst privacy room dividers have this classic and appealing look, but it is also made from high-quality material that guarantees the durability of the product.  A plywood folding screen is also available in a midcentury appeal that grants its timeless look.  You may also appreciate a room divider that comes with a basket case if you are looking for an extra storage.


  1. Medium Screen Room Dividers

For the homeowners that are looking for medium dividers with complex decoration, the wooden carved screen would be the best product for you.  This is available in different finish and comes with intricate carvings.  For simpler decorative room dividers, the rattan screen divider is the best choice.  It has this oriental/hippie look.  The frame provides the privacy that you need while allowing a small portion of light to pass through.  For those who love personalising their items, there is blank slate canvas divider that you can customise depending on your preference.


  1. Low Room Dividers

The low-type of screen room dividers are generally made for decorative purposes.  Silhouette screen are available with beautiful and elegant pattern that will accentuate the ambiance of a particular room.  There are functional low dividers that you can use for extra storage such as the bookcase dividers.  There are also floral room dividers that highlight an attractive abstract painting of flower that you will definitely adore.


Decorative Room Dividers can be used to hide the ugly installation in your house such as your wiring and electrical installation and the wall heater in a room.  The privacy room dividers are perfect in giving you a place where you can concentrate on your stuff without any distraction.   Depending on the things that you need, you will realise that room dividers are more than just creating a partition inside the room.  It is a perfect way to personalise your house decoration and enhance the ambiance of your house.  It can also provide an additional storage and block the sunlight to protect your furniture and electronic appliances against the harmful rays of the sun. 

Written by Lisa Williams — March 27, 2017

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