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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

If you found your way to this article, then you are most likely already researching the room divider market and know the amount of sizes, colours, styles, and designs to choose from. This guide to buying a room divider will do its best to review all of the factors a person should take into consideration in order to make a well-educated decision before buying the item.

 6 Panel Room Dividers

Functions, Form, and Practicality

A room divider could be used in too many ways to be able to describe them all. You might want to change the outlook of the room or simply want to divide the kitchen from your living room. Perhaps you don’t have a place where you could change privately or want to divide your staff so that they won’t be talking with each other and waste time on unproductive efforts.  In order to make the correct choice, you should understand the functions of room dividers in order to proceed with the form you would need and means of implementing it in the particular area.


The perfect room divider would be efficient and good looking. Its use is of great significance regardless of the room you chose to put it in so you would surely want it to be of high quality.


Designs and Colours

This is not as tough as it sounds. There are two cases in which you will be using a room divider. You will either be just now creating the design of the particular space, or it is already furnished, and the design is set. The décor of the room plays the most importance when choosing the design and colours of a room divider.

 Room Dividers

Light coloured, light weight room dividers are not only cheaper but provide you with a more consistent solution to urban type of decorations. In the opposite case, the darker shades are heavier and suit the needs of office spaces. Obviously, we are only speaking generally, and this is in the case that you haven’t chosen a specific design yet. If you have then just adjust the room divider to it.


Questions to Ask Yourself

Overall there are a bunch of questions, upon whose answer you will be able to make the needed choice.

  • How high is the room you will be placing the room divider in and will it have to reach the ceiling?
  • Respectively, how wide would it have to be, in what manner are you using it, does it have to cover the room’s width or set aside a specific corner?
  • Fabric of the room divider g. rice paper allows for light to pass through it, while wood obviously doesn’t.
  • Weight of the room divider – this is still based on the fabric.
  • Are you using it for decorative or functional purposes?

 4 Panel Room Divider


After going through all of those factors, you will be able to make an efficient choice regarding the purchase of a room divider. We hope to have made the process smoother for you.

Written by Lisa Williams — July 05, 2017

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