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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Screens room dividers are both functional and attractive. There is a wide range of dividers on the market today that you can easily find one that will suit your existing interior design. There is no limit as to where you can use decorative room dividers. You can find them at home, hairdressing salons, fitness studios, restaurants, hotels, clinics, therapy rooms, offices, schools, and museums, just to name a few.


Designs of Screens Room Dividers


More often than not, room dividers are used as accent pieces that add character to a room. It serves as a visual interest and focal point. There are lots of designs that you can choose from, depending on the style and function that you require. Screens are designed to add elegance to an area, whether it is a simple textural piece or a printed design.


Decorative room dividers use various inspirations for their design. Some have iconic pop culture figures printed on three-panel screen. Asian designs, such as bamboo and flowers are also popular among consumers.


Quality of Privacy Room Dividers


It is important to check the quality of the room dividers. Home depots sell some room dividers that are of low quality aimed at people with low budget. The good news is that there are good quality screens room dividers that will not break your budget.


Where to Place Decorative Room Dividers


It is important that you choose the right room divider for the space where you are going to place it. If you have kids at home, then you should consider a heavy duty room divider that can stand on its own.


Privacy room dividers are easy to use and can divide rooms right away. The room dividers are portable and lightweight, which means you can easily move them or store them when needed. Some models have two-way hinges that lets you fold it into a single panel for easy storage.


There are some privacy room dividers that are single sides and have a dark coloured background. Other models have designs on both sides. You should consider this when buying and placing a room divider.


Divide Space


People buy decorative room dividers to divide a given space. It is recommended for homes with an open floor plan. With the use of a room divider, you can change the space to fit your requirements. You can easily create two distinct spaces, or temporarily screen off the dining area for a party.


Modify Room Shape


Screens room dividers can be placed around the edges of the room to change its shape. The bigger the screen, the more flexible the panels you can work with. You can also use several panels together to provide better versatility.


Screen Off Areas


Privacy room dividers can also be used to screen off areas, which can be used for meditation, sleeping, reading, or for meetings. Or you can screen off areas to hide clutter, storage area, or workstations.


These are some of the purposes of screens room dividers. You can easily find one that will suit the overall design of the room.


Written by Lisa Williams — March 17, 2017

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