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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Room dividers from Room Dividers UK can be the perfect solution for rooms that need to be divided to make functional areas. They can provide boundaries, privacy, and can be aesthetically pleasing. Many room dividers do not need to alter any structural components of the room. They are great for both small and large apartments and open plan houses, as they create a type of visual divide between spaces. Here are some of the factors that you should keep in mind when shopping for room dividers.


  1. Permanent or Movable


Before you start shopping for room dividers, you need to know if the room dividers need to be movable so you can create temporary areas, or if you need them to be permanent to create a new room. There are many options for both. Most movable options are foldable or have wheels, so you can move them out of the way. Moveable options are also normally much lighter than permanent room dividers because they are meant to be moved around often.


  1. Storage


If you are living in a small space, storage could be a problem. There are room dividers that double as shelving units, making them great for storage. There are solid back options for privacy, and open back ones to keep spaces open. You will have to be careful with open back room dividers since they do not provide much privacy. These are great for living rooms and offices because they allow for storage of items that need to be close by 


  1. Size


The amount of foot size that room dividers take up depends on the shape and size of the room divider. In some cases, a thin room divider is a better option than adding storage space. If you have the extra room, the extra storage space could be a blessing, so you will not need a book shelve or other storage furniture.

  1. Light


While dividing a room is important, you still have to think about the lighting of the area. There are shorter and open room dividers that allow for natural light to enter the space. You also have to think about the ceiling lights because some room dividers go from floor to ceiling. If you place these tall room dividers incorrectly, the area you create could be without lighting. So, you should plan ahead and make sure that there is lighting in that area of the room.


The right room dividers for your space are going to depend greatly on why you are dividing the space and the amount of space that you have. Many people who are living in apartments use the room dividers from Room Dividers UK, as we stock a huge variety of sizes and styles of room dividers.

Written by Lisa Williams — November 02, 2016

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