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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Using a decorative room divider will help you to transform a particular space dramatically.  Aside from improving the aesthetic appeal of the room, it can also provide additional functions.  You may add flair and functions by putting dividers into your room that will work in different ways.  Here are some ways on how you will be able to transform your space with the help of room dividers.

 3 Panel Room Divider

Creating Room Partitions with Screen Dividers

In case you want to define the living quarters and the dining area or if you want to create a small office in your bedroom, you may use room dividers to divide a large space into 2 particular sections.  You may accomplish this by using an adjustable screen divider.  In an adjustable type, you can basically move the poles allowing you to hide things.  You may also use decorative room divider to create a dressing area.  It does not only create the space that you need, but it also adds glamour and elegance.  You may use divider which allows some light to pass through such as the screen divider with paper panels or lightweight materials.

 Black 6 Panel Room Divider

Making a Space Useful

There are different room dividers that will be suitable for your needs.  There are screen dividers that have canvas pockets and chalkboards that will be ideal for the home office.  You may also use a room divider that contains shelf in your kitchen that will help you to be more organised.  You may do this by setting up the divider behind your work desk in order to keep all your essential items on hand.  You should place the divider in front of the unsightly part of your house such as the uneven walls and cords. A room divider that comes with a pocket will also be a nice addition to your children’s toy room.

 3 Panel Coffee Room Divider

Add Visual Flair

By introducing intricate patterns and colours into a particular space, a plain-looking space will transform into an art piece.  You can add it on the wall or on a corner which will add an elegant style without disrupting the traffic flow.  You may choose room dividers with curved layout if you want to soften the corner’s angle.  It is also recommended to choose decorative dividers that have dual purpose such as a screen divider that contains mirror that will deflect the light.

 6 Panel Oriental Room Divider

Hiding Eyesores

Another decorative purpose of room dividers is using it to hide the unsightly elements of your house.  You may use it to conceal an ugly view and improve your house privacy.  Be sure to find a divider with a busy pattern that will be enough to hide the eyesores.  In case you are planning to place it in an area with a curved edge, choose a divider that has circular patterns that will complement the furniture or structure.

 Shoji Screen to hide cluter

Using room dividers to transform the aesthetic appeal of a space is not only an effective but also a cost-efficient approach.  It also serves different functions which will allow you to improve your privacy, help you to be more organised and create an extra storage space for your things.


4 Panel Room Divider

Written by Lisa Williams — May 02, 2017

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