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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Add blog postRoom dividers are used for different functions. These different functions dictate which type of room divider you are going to use. Some of the reasons for getting room dividers home or in any other room include:

 Room Dividers


The design as influenced by the architect may seem flawed to you in some areas. For example, maybe a bathroom opens up into the dining area of the room. Privacy room dividers will help you to block the sight of the door away from people seated in the dining area. Whoever is using the bathroom, therefore, gets to catch a moment before they are in people’s view.



You might want to make a room feel more intimate and cosy. This can be achieved by the use of room dividers screens. There will still be an open plan design but you getting to add the ‘warm and cosy’ feeling to the room.



Decorative room dividers double up as decoration within a room. Maybe you want to partition your room but also want to add flare by having some art or items within the room. This can be a cheap and efficient way to do this.



You could also need to make a room more functional by having different working areas. This enables you to make the most out of your space without having to get permanent structures or use a lot of money.


Depending on your desired functions, there are two main categories of room dividers. These are:

 Room Dividers

Free-Standing Room Dividers

These room dividers screens have a standard three-panel design. They are not fixed to the ceiling, the floor or the wall. They are also more commonly referred to as portable room dividers. There are further categories of room dividers within this broad umbrella.


You can find shoji screens, canvas pocket screens, silk screens and gathered fabric screens. Each of these has different uses. Some are used for privacy while others such as silk screens are used as decorative room dividers since they are painted using ink and water colours.


Built-In Room Dividers

These are often used as privacy room dividers. They are fixed onto the ceiling, floor or wall using tracks or casters. Within this category, you find the sliding doors and panels. You can slide them out to reveal the room dividers home, or you can open up the room by letting them stay folded against the wall. These allow you to have the best of both worlds since you can use and hide them away as you please.


Privacy room dividers provide the option of recreating a room without having to spend a lot of money or commit to permanent changes. They allow you to be double-minded about whether or not you would like to see the changes you want all the time. This applies also when you would like to revert to the status quo as provided for by the built-in room dividers. The good thing is that these room dividers home do not need installation unless they are built-in. You can, therefore, buy them from the shop and put them in yourself without a hassle.

Room Dividers

Written by Lisa Williams — April 06, 2017

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