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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Room dividers are a common item in many homes today. They are affordable and versatile, allowing home and apartment owners to try out different looks. They also do not require a lot of commitment. You do not have to move out for them to be installed. It does not take that long. For some room dividers, you can even assemble and disassemble them yourself. Some of the uses of these dividers include:

 Image of 6 panel screen - Room Dividers


Room dividers are used for decoration. If you want to add flair to your living room without having to use art, these are a good option. When you also want to divide a space and have a small budget, this is the best option. The decorative room dividers allow you to play around with your space without the need to spend too much money. For one price, you divide and decorate your area of choice.

 Image of bamboo room dividers

Restructure Open Space

Some people end up restructuring their open plan space after some time. It might feel too monotonous and limit your options for decorating. Therefore, room dividers can come in handy into making the space into different rooms without interfering with the openness of the room. The trick is to pick various room dividers for the room, especially if it is a big one. You can use some hollowed out dividers for your sleeping area and screen dividers for your bathroom. You can also get some decorated dividers to save you the hassle of looking for more decorations even after you have separated the room. This is a cheap and convenient option. Plus, you can move with your dividers if you ever decide to relocate.

 Image of 6 panel room screens - Room Dividers


Perhaps your sleeping area opens up into the living room. Maybe the guest bathroom door opens up into the living room as well. These situations can deny you of any privacy whenever you have guests around. Room dividers can come in handy to separate the two areas and thus afford you some privacy. For the bathroom, for example, you can introduce screen room dividers around the door. This gives a guest the chance to compose themselves before stepping out in a living room full of people.

 Image of 3 panel bamboo room dividers


Sometimes you may want to add storage to your space without making the place seem too squeezed. This is especially true if the room is not big. You can use room dividers to add storage and still maintain the openness of the room. For example, there are hollowed out book shelves. You can place your books in each of the compartment and leave some of the compartments unoccupied. This helps you in storing your books and making the room still feel open. With a closed bookcase that cannot act as a room divider, it would feel like more of a wall thus making the space smaller.

 Image of 4 panel room dividers

Room dividers are a great addition to any room. The best thing about them is that you can undo them or dismantle them whenever you feel you want a change. This is a stark contrast from building a wall which is more expensive, permanent and takes longer.


Written by Lisa Williams — April 28, 2017

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