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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

If you live in a one bedroom apartment or you have a large living space, you can partition these areas and have several other rooms.   It's not only a cost-effective way to do so, but it is easy and does not need an expert. Once you get a room divider that meets your requirements, you can partition the space as you wish. There are plenty of room dividers that you can choose from depending on the reason you are partitioning the space.

 Bamboo 3 Panel Room Divider

Why Are Room Dividers the Best Option?

If you live in a rented apartment or in your own home and you do not want the new created rooms to be permanent, you should consider room dividers. They are easy to install, do not damage the building and saves you money.

 White Flexible Room Divider Screen

Temporary and Non-Damaging 

When you hear about partitioning your home, you probably think it is just like a permanent wall. Unlike a permanent wall, room dividers do not leave a trace. No floor or wall repairs are needed when this temporary wall is removed. This does not only save you money as the tenant, but it is also something that you can do without damaging someone’s property or without them knowing.

 4 Panel Wooden Room Divider

Cost Effective Way for More Privacy

You probably live with other people in your apartment whether friends or kids. You may need privacy, and this is the best way to do so. It gives you privacy just like a permanent wall would do but at an affordable cost. These temporary walls range in prices depending on the materials, size, design and other features.

 5 Panel Oriental Shoji Room Divider

Varieties to Choose From

These temporary walls are not just walls. They do not just partition, but they do more than this. You get a variety of options in terms of sizes, designs, closets, colours, doors, materials and windows. This assures you that you can customise your room as much as you would like. The room dividers that come as closets create more space in your home or office since you can store some of your items in the closet.

 White 6 Panel Shoji Room Divider

Easy to Install and Saves Time

The non-damaging room dividers are easy to install which means a lot of time will be saved. A few hours are enough to give you more rooms in your living space. This cannot be compared to how much time is spent while installing a permanent wall.

 4 Panel 7 foot Tall Shoji Room Divider


How strong are the room dividers? This is a question that many ask considering they are not fastened; no screws or nails are used. They are designed in a way they are strong and sturdy.

 4 Panel Shoji Bamboo Room Divider

If you have living space dilemmas and you have been looking for a solution, room dividers are the solution. It is a solution that comes in handy for those sharing offices or apartments and do not want to incur huge costs to create more rooms. It is also an intelligent solution that will not have your landlord suing you that you damaged the property.

 3 Panel Red Room Divider

Written by Lisa Williams — May 01, 2017

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