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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

People depend on architects to come up with designs that are creative and functional. This, in turn, provides you with fun and interesting spaces to work with in a home. However, not all architects are able to achieve this flawlessly. Once you get into a house, you may notice a few things that you would like to change but are unable to because they would take a long time. This is why temporary fittings are becoming popular every day. Room dividers are some of the additions that you can bring to your home without having to commit to something permanent. Dividers have grown popular, but people do not know how best to use them in the home. How do you define spaces using these dividers?

 4 Panel Room Divider

Partitioning Rooms Using Room Dividers

This is common in open plan spaces. Apartments that have an open plan design or even open plan kitchens in larger homes can benefit from room dividers. If you want to define each living area, you can put up a divider. They do not have to be complex. They can be the simple free-standing dividers that you can take down whenever you feel the need to have an open space. Not everyone is a fan of undefined spaces. For the kitchen, for example, you can use a makeshift fireplace as a divider to distinguish the living room area from the cooking area.

 4 Panel Room Divider

Using a Room Divider for Storage

One way to use a room divider for storage while highlighting separate living areas is by using a bookshelf divider. These are open shelves that function as dividers as well as storage. You don’t have to place books in the storage slots. You can also place other decorative items such as small vases. This divider maintains fluidity within the two living room areas so that the room still feels like one big space although it has separate areas. Decorating the two areas is, therefore, easy as they are separate but still interconnected.

 New York Room Divider

Making Special Spaces

Some room dividers are made from wood while some are just screens. If you live in an open plan apartment and would not like to separate the living room and sleeping area, you do not have to. However, you may want a defined space for changing that is not the bathroom. This can be a problem when guests are around, and someone is in the bathroom while the other just stepped out of the shower and wants to get dressed. You can use these opaque screen dividers to section off a part of the sleeping area as the changing room or space.

 White Room Divider

A room divider can be very handy in temporary situations. It can also help to transform a room and make it feel different and improved. In addition to this, the temporary nature of these room dividers makes it easy to take them down whenever you want the room to be as it originally was. There is a wide variety of dividers for you to choose from.


Written by Lisa Williams — June 10, 2017

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