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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Room dividers provide a lot of purposes when it is incorporated in our home’s interior.  Aside from the fact that they can define a particular space in our house, they also bring elegance and glamour to the area.  Some people are even using this to hide the unsightly elements of their house such as the highly-cluttered area of the room.  There are smaller types of room divider that is commonly introduced in the room as a storage solution and also to decorate the room.

 Bookcase Room Divider

Different Panel Room Dividers

There are different panel room dividers available in the market today.  There are the traditional folding screen dividers that can be manoeuvred by simply folding them.  There are heavier types of panel dividers; they normally have one screen, and they are typically used for large areas.  Other panel dividers can be used to hang curtain panels.  Below are some of the most common panel dividers.

 Gold Room Divider

Fabric Screen Divider

This is the basic type of panel room dividers.  It has a line of fabric that is stretched to cover the whole frame.  The frame can be made up of metal or wooden materials.  Using fabric is recommended if you have no idea about designing.  This fabric can be replaced easily to complement the decoration of your interior.

 3 Panel Room Divider Screen

Bamboo Screen Divider

In case you have a wooden surface, or if the furniture inside your house is mostly made up of woods, the bamboo room dividers is ideal for you.  It will complement the overall design of your house.  In addition, the bamboo material is also durable but does not cost the same as hardwood.  They are normally utilised as divider flush wherein the home owner will place them against their wall in order to have a space where they can place their furniture such as their chairs.

 Bamboo Room Divider

Tips in Setting-Up your Panel Room Divider

Setting-up the room dividers might be easier than you actually think.  You may realise that it is just like relocating your furniture.  Before you start in placing your room dividers, you will need to think about the purpose of your divider.  They can either be visual or functional.  Whether you are using it as a visual or a functional, you will need to measure the area where you are planning to place them.

 5 Panel Room Divider

In most cases, you will receive your divider as a kit where you will need to build them manually.  The manufacturer will supply you with a step-by-step procedure.  After you managed to build your room dividers, it is now time to mark the wall.  The stationary part of the divider needs to be fixed first.  Ext end the room divider.  Make sure that the part that is attached to the wall is completely secured.  Finally, you will need to check the hinges and screw of the room divider.  If you have successfully completed the installation, your room divider will be able to fold and unfold without any issue.  Check for the screws and hinges on a periodic basis to guarantee that they are locked.


4 Panel Room Divider

Written by Lisa Williams — May 07, 2017

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