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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

In case you are planning to buy room dividers, the wide selection of style, colours and sizes may overwhelm you.  In order to help you in your choices, we will highlight some of the important factors that you need to cover in order to make a smart decision.  Let us analyse first the various differences of the Room dividers UK that can affect your decision.


Overview of the Design of Room Dividers UK


A lot of people are now starting to realise the benefits that they can have with room dividers.  Regardless if they are creating a partition for their office space, creating privacy when moving to their new dorm or dividing the large room in their house the need for the dividers is quite apparent.  When you are in the market to hunt for the ideal divider, you may want to find a balance between the design and the function.


  • Function of Room Dividers- The room divider that you will choose should perfectly serves its purpose and will look aesthetically pleasing in fulfilling that goal. The function of room dividers UK can be diverse; from the window shade that will control the sun passing on the window, modesty screen that will give your privacy to a room divider that will hide the entire area.  There are also dividers that serve all that purpose aforementioned.


  • Design and Colour- The design and the colour of the panel should harmonise with the layout and the interior decoration of the room. Room dividers with neutral colour, lightweight and that are less costly are perfect for urban, eclectic and casual interior design.   The darker design will ideally match with traditional and formal design.


  • Durability- to ensure about the quality of the Room Dividers UK, make sure that it is imported from countries with long years of tradition in making dividers such as the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, and Malaysia.


Leading Types of Room Dividers


When you are analysing a certain room divider, consider its height and the height of your ceiling.  You also have the option to choose from 3-6 panels, and whether you will choose a rice paper or a more solid panel.  Looking at the various room dividers UK categories will help you in answering these questions.


  • Shoji Screen- Shoji Screen maybe the most popular dividers in the West. It allows a portion of the sunshine to pass through.  You have the option to choose from a shoji screen coated with paint or wood stain.  It also comes with an archetypal lattice design.


  • Rattan- Rattan Room Dividers imported from Asia are mostly sturdy and lightweight. They are dyed in various vibrant tones, and they are inexpensive.


  • Shutter style- This room partition comes with an adjustable blinds, it is a great choice for office spaces.


You still have many options to choose from when looking at the long list of Room Dividers UK, but make sure that it will have the capacity to fulfil your desired goal.

Written by Lisa Williams — January 11, 2017

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