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Room Dividers UK

Room Dividers UK Room Dividers UK

Contemporary room dividers come in all shapes and sizes and can bring much beauty, privacy, and functionality to any home. Some look like traditional shoji dividers, while others can take the form of a shelf, but they all combine beauty with functionality and can become an invaluable addition to your home. Contemporary room dividers are an elegant way to clearly define two separate areas of your room, increase your privacy, use as a portable dressing screen, or they can just serve as a decorative background. No matter what divider you are looking for, at Room Dividers UK we have a great selection of stylish, beautiful and at the same time affordable dividers made from quality and durable materials that will fit the needs of all and satisfy even the most demanding clients.


Modern Dividers


A contemporary room divider can have the same shape as a traditional Japanese divider but with an image that depicts modern-day world or a multi-coloured floral design. Images on contemporary dividers can be both abstract and naturalistic. The Formosa divider, for instance, has the mobility and lightweight as a traditional shoji divider, but can have a walnut or black wood finish, reducing incoming light and increasing privacy. Although they vary in size and look, what they all have in common is their beauty and functionality.


Functional Decorative Shelving Room Dividers


However, modern dividers can also look like a shelf made from a variety of wood, offering you more storage options. Shelving room dividers can be used as a bookcase, display cabinet, book shelf and room divider at the same time. At Room Dividers UK , we use only durable and high-quality wood such as beech, Canadian oak, plum or ash tree. Some have enclosed compartments while others are completely open and with the 6 and 10-compartment options to choose from, you can just the one you need.


Beautiful and Customisable Chinese Circular Shelf Room Dividers


Chinese circular display shelves can also be used as a contemporary room divider. They are composed of two separate parts that when combined, form a large circle. Their intricate design impresses with functionality and beauty. Books, ceramic figurines or any other object can be placed on these shelves. Their greatest strength is the fact that they are fully customisable room dividers, and owners can rearrange them or replace what they store on them at any time, changing their look and their style. Each Chinese circular display shelf is not only a great storage solution but also an interesting room divider and a beautiful addition to any living room or office.

Written by Lisa Williams — July 25, 2016

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